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Dingocoin NextGen

Dingocoin NextGen is a framework that has revolutionized crypto applications by decoupling user operations from blockchain interactions. In Dingocoin NextGen, users interact with NextGen applications without needing to download an entire copy of the blockchain. At the same time, they maintain full custody and security of their private keys, without ever revealing them to NextGen applications.

With Dingocoin NextGen, we have produced tools and applications never seen before in the realm of similar coins.Our Dingocoin browser wallet lets you hold and send Dingocoins entirely in your browser, and requires less than a minute to setup. Our Dingocoin NFT platform interacts with the browser wallet, running an entire NFT trading platform on-chain without users ever having to leave their browser.

Dingocoin NextGen marks a turning point in our development methodology. With NextGen, users will be able to use Dingocoin anywhere for anything, without all the heavy lifting required in other coins. These projects will ultimately build a solid foundation toward adoption and utilization of Dingocoin, accompanied by throughput of unprecedented scale.


Dingocoin's NextGenLib, currently in the works, will be a library that will allow anyone to operate easily within the NextGen framework. This will be the first step towards making it possible for mass adoption of dingocoin among developers and professionals from different disciplines. It can help keep track of a wallet, send and receive transactions without the need for a local copy of the blockchain. It will also have a number of other advanced functions.

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