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The Successor To NFT Platforms

Dingocoin's very own NFT platform marks a feat never achieved before - create and trade NFTs on-chain, right within your browser. The Dingocoin NFT platform is the successor to existing NFT platforms, with our advanced features and implementations that are beyond state-of-the-art. With NFT market capitalisation going in several billions and growing impressively, this is going to be huge.

On-Chain Trading

NFTs on our platform are traded completely on-chain. This means that every single transaction is done on-chain, and you receive your earnings and royalties immediately upon sale. Since trading is done on Dingocoin's blockchain, you pay ultra-low gas fees (<$0.001 at the time of writing). No more ridiculous overhead fees ever again, with Dingocoin's NFT platform.

Cryptographically Unique Content

Dingocoin's advanced NFT platform ensures that only one NFT can be created for every piece of content. Using highly modern cryptographic techniques, this ensures that your original content can never be reuploaded by someone else as another NFT. Never worry about stolen work ever again.

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