Trailmap - Browser Wallet
Web 3.0 Transactions

We believe in bringing more people to the Dingocoin ecosystem to be a part of this very liberal and decentralised project through utility and adoption. With our recent Dingocoin browser wallet, we have successfully penetrated the Web 3.0 frontier. You can now hold and send Dingocoin completely in your web browser. Our initiatives are aimed to bring ease for developers to integrate Dingocoin into their web platforms - be it games, exchanges, NFT platforms, or retailers - and bring down developmenttime.

Development Tools

One such problem that developer faces is a ready to integrate trustless approach to process Dingocoin transactions on their own infrastructures. The Dingocoin browser wallet is such a utility aimed to fullfill this gap by providing API solutions that can be setup quicky to accept Dingocoin payments to any web platform. These are already used in our fully-functional Dingocoin NFT Platform. We are extremely close to releasing official documentation for our browser wallet. This will spark off an ecosystem of rapid deployment for developers to integrate the browser wallet into their applications.

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