Trailmap - Exchanges

Current Marketplaces

Dingocoin is proudly traded at 10 marketplaces April-July 2021: Delion, Dex-Trade, Cratex August-October 2021: SouthXchange, wrapped on BSC chain January-February 2022: & Exbitron

Short-Term Listing Agenda - Centralized Exchanges

In the period leading up to the final halving in July 2022, Dingocoin expects to list at 2-3 global top 30 marketplaces, based on existing dialogues, as well as several smaller marketplaces.

Short-Term Listing Agenda - Decentralized Exchanges

Dingocoinis proud to have a wrapped version available on BSC and SOL chains. We also plan to wrap Dingocoin to more DEXes, including an Ethererum wrap. As we already have the technology and the community backing to do this, we are certain of our efforts to list Dingocoin at many more DEXes.

Longer-Term Listing Agenda

Past the final halving in July 2022, Dingocoin targets listings at both major and smaller marketplaces, and is working toward listing at a global top 5 marketplace when we are ready, as well as reaching 25+ marketplaces in total by the end of 2022.

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