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Dingocoin DO-OCRACY

Dingocoin is a community-driven open-source project and its direction is formed by the many contributors to the various projects of the Dingocoin blockchain and ecosystem.

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What Is The Dingocoin Trailmap?

Dingocoin is inviting all to contribute to its development. Head over to our How To Get Involved page if you want to contribute to the development of our project. The direction of Dingocoin is created by the many projects that the community chooses to undertake. From a fair launch, guardians choose to come along and strive to continue creating happiness every day, the Dingocoin way. Dingocoin remains a decentralised project with guardians rather than rulers, each whose projects and contributions stand or fall on their merits.

This Trailmap represents places where the Dingocoin community have promised the Dingo, we are committed to explore, and that we believe will contribute to Dingocoin’s success.

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Why These Projects

We signed the Dingocoin Manifesto, committing to spreading happiness every day. Our community knows no boundaries, and we believe opening up to all humans in every language is our essential first step to spreading happiness everywhere. We appreciate that this first step will consist of many small steps, and we welcome all contributors, from all places, across all of humanity to become part of our community.

Dingocoin is going beyond the exchanges by becoming part of payment apps and becoming available on fiat on-ramps, making deliberate steps to create a clear use case for payments. Check out our New Dingocoin Fiat On/Off Ramp. Our easiest-use wallet in existence is another brave step to destroy boundaries in the adoption of Dingocoin. From our non-custodial browser wallet that is one-click installation, to your favorite device we have a wallet for your taste. Get A Wallet and you are one of us!

We believe integration with games is essential for adoption, and we promote further development and integration with games. The meme and art community surrounding Dingocoin is strong, and our NFT platform will further add to the strength of this community while adding additional utility to Dingocoin.

Our foundational initiatives to ease integration of Dingocoin with anything else consists of the Dingocoin NextGen framework, Libraries, SDKs and APIs. Dingocoin NextGen framework, Libraries, SDKs and APIs opens up new oppurtunities for payment providers, retailers, NFT artists, Game developers, Social Platforms and many more for quick integration of Dingocoin into their infrastructure through scalable backend solutions. A proposed Dingocoin Keyring App and Sdk will ensure rapid developments of apps that can transact over the chain using webwallet API and without holding user keys – a completely trustless model.

The Community Journey

Since Dingocoin is community led from Day 1 and each of its features evolved during this journey is the contribution and efforts of individual community members in building this ecosystem, we are proud to present the Trailmap of Dingocoin to you which will help in navigating all projects going on. It will also be useful to welcome new developers and contributors.

The Trailmap is effort of Dingocoin community in making this coin a real utility vehicle for different ascpects. Unlike what is the case for countless minted tokens, the community is completely dedicated from the beginning in building useful products for the future.

We believe in adoption of this very universal currency through utility only. Dingocoin is completely decentralized and is already adopted by many different members from different geographies

When Will It All Happen

The timeline working on such an adventure is not easy task, but the first steps have been taken for all of our community projects, and we welcome contributors to help us fulfill our vision. We already have powerful allies on our side, as well as a growing number of people eager to contribute development time to these open-source projects.

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